Course Units 5 and 6 [Using Practice Drills / Developing enunciation] Lesson Outline guidelines...

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Course Units 5 and 6 [Using Practice Drills / Developing enunciation] Lesson Outline guidelines...

Post  Jason Renshaw on Wed Mar 19 2008, 06:53

Hello everyone,

Hard to believe we're already almost at the end of week 3 in this course! It already feels to me like you great students have shown so much development. It really is wonderful to see.

For your third lesson outline (Lesson Outline 3), you will need to again choose some of your own material (a passage/dialogue etc from a textbook, or one of your own design - not Boost! Speaking, though). Based on that material you need to:

1) Outline your general lesson objective

2) State your specific skill objectives

3) Demonstrate the "noticing" principle again through your lesson activities/approach

4) Design a speaking drill and explain how you are going to apply it in class

5) Design some enunciation material and activities and explain how they are going to be applied

You have done (1), (2) and (3) already in a previous lesson outline, and there are great examples in your Boost! book, so this shouldn't represent too many difficulties for you.

There are also examples of (4) and (5) in the Boost! book, and we have practiced these in class together as well. I'm skipping the "classroom English" priority for now - you don't need to document this part for this lesson outline.

The key thing is for you to have new lesson material, and to design these activities on your own.

This lesson outline will be a little hard work for you, but I have confidence in your commitment and effort! Good luck with it and I look foward to seeing your lesson outlines by next Wednesday (March 26th) at the latest.

Take care,

~ Jason


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