(OP 9)Teachers open the door. Students enter by themselves

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(OP 9)Teachers open the door. Students enter by themselves

Post  Ji hye Lim on Mon Jun 09 2008, 18:15

A noted professor of English Education in Korea uses this motto in his email signatures: "Teachers open the door. Students enter by themselves." What do you think is meant by this? Do you agree or disagree with it? Use reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Korean parents' education fever is overheating. So Korean students go many academy since very young. I also went to private English academy when I was elementary school. At that time, I had to memorize 30 words every days. If I can't memorize these words, teacher heat my hands or didn't let me go home. So I always didn't like go to academy. Like me, many Korean students are pushed by their parents and teachers. Is it education? or just training? I think that this way isn't real education.

First, Knowledge which we get by teacher's push, can't mine after all. I'm not good at mathematics since I was middle school. Especially ,one teacher's class made me really hate mathematic. She is keen on students' test result. So she always hit us and gave us a lot of homework. At that time, I didn't want to be hit so I studied mathematic very hard. But After 1 year, I became really hate mathematic. So Until now, I don't like mathematic and it still looks very difficult to me.

Second, if teacher give students ways too specific, students lose their thinking ability. These days, students went more academy than past time. So they looks smarter than us. But look closely, they know various superficial knowledge but their creative thinking ability is very low. They lean on to teacher. They even don't know how to study. They just follow their teacher's way like parrot.

Conclusion, When teacher push students, it works during short time. But long term, It doesn't work. So Teacher just open the door and students should enter by themselves. This is real education.
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