OP9 “Teachers open the door. Students enter by themselves.”

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OP9 “Teachers open the door. Students enter by themselves.”

Post  Cho Jun-woo on Mon Jun 09 2008, 12:17

A noted professor of English Education in Korea uses this motto in his email signatures: “Teachers open the door. Students enter by themselves.”
What do you think is meant by this? Do you agree or disagree with it? Use reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Nowadays, society require from a teacher the role of adviser or just supporter. the Past days, teacher was an instructor and sometimes superior to students. I guess that sentence emphasize role of adviser or just supporter not a strict teacher. I don't agree with that sentence.

First, I believe teacher should be a leader. Leather should be able to change other people's mind and even the life. At the point of that view, teacher have to make the students that they want to enter not just open the door. I believe teacher should concern all students. If teacher just open the door I don't think all students enter.
May be some students enter by themselves but not all. So teacher should make all students want to enter.

When I was in high school first grade, in my class there was some students who needs special care what is called a problem students. Like I said in past essay(inspiration teacher), he is respectable teacher. That problem kids made many accidents and wanted to stop school. However, he leaded them till the end. I still remember what he said " As far as you called me a teacher I never give up you". At that time, I did't know the meaning. However, now I see the meaning.

Lastly, I don't know well what is good teacher and can I be a good teacher. " Teachers open the door, students enter by themselves" this is good sentence but not a universal truth. what I want to say is a real teacher should make the students want to enter.
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