Timed Integrated Writing Task Practice (5/29)

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Timed Integrated Writing Task Practice (5/29)

Post  Jung namsook on Sun Jun 08 2008, 18:00

The speaker presents that two approaches of teaching speaking proficiency and how those approaches are different. The former PPP stands for Presentation, Practice and Production while AAA goes for Awareness, Appropriation and Autonomy. The speaker suggests that AAA is more modern and practical teaching speaking approach rather than PPP.

First of all, Presentation represents a language first to learners. It builds a situation that learners connect a language with pictures, situations, and listening. Then, a situation is given and students draw vocabulary related. However, Awareness focuses on ability to notice and understand. It highlights a real conversation followed by intonation change, identifying discourse marker and changing spoken language. In consequence, it comes to make a key language out of the conversation.

Next, Practice is a controlled application of language that is presented by drill, filling in the blanks and closed tests. The key is not to make errors and fix them. On the other hand, Appropriation is different from Practice in terms of taking good and learnersí own position. Itís less controlled than Practice that it is being guided and given a frame work. The students practice in control by drill, role play and drama skill. Then, they practice a language in less controlled way.

Lastly, Production represents that learners produce a key language freely on their judgment and link the language in productive skills. Contrary to this, Autonomy claims that it makes learners use language spontaneously without thinking so much. It aims at being an independent learner not being artificial. Teachers help students invent a natural course (for example, itís hot in here.) and happen to make a real conversation so that students become autonomous.
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