OP7 what would you like to implement and achieve as a teacher of English in the Korean public school context?

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OP7 what would you like to implement and achieve as a teacher of English in the Korean public school context?

Post  Cho Jun-woo on Sat Jun 07 2008, 15:06

when I was young, I don't have good memory about English. English is just a important subject to enter the better university. It was considered from middle school. Teachers just conduct the English class with reading especially grammer. Some teachers were focusing on listenning. That was all about my English class. Recently, it starts to change but not so much. Almost schools are the same today. Then what I can do as a teacher?

First, I want to emphasize English is a language. What is the language? It exists for a communication. In my thought, communication should relate with real-life. So I want to give to students a real life English. It means more communicative class.
I think class should be based on real life situation and make them more comfortable environment. Because, if they should concern about their grade or points. It's going to be changed just like past days.

Secondly, I want to make the students more interesting class. I mean more pleasant class. Grammer and reading is important elements of English education. Nevertheless, these two parts are considered like old style class and bad things. I want to conduct these parts more familiar and easy using variety matirials and teaching methodologies. For example, using multimedia, video or audio system and the game. Past days, English class is so direct instruction. So I want to change these way.

Overall, I firm there are many problems in Korea public school system especially, in English education. It doesn't change by one men's effort. Governments and new teachers even students, whole elements of school should think and act. Even it's old things, if it's good things, we should keep them but it's wrong we should break it resolutely.
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