Final Exam : Video News from HA Joohee

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Final Exam : Video News from HA Joohee

Post  inmyheart479 on Fri May 09 2008, 04:52


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Re: Final Exam : Video News from HA Joohee

Post  inmyheart479 on Wed May 21 2008, 14:22

Topic: Rat head found in shrimp crackers

Level: Middle school students (Upper Intermediate)

Summary : Rat head was found in a bag of South Korea's popular shrimp crackers. Officials from Korea's Food and Drug Administration believe it was mixed into the chips at manufacturer Nongshim's Factory in China while another factory manager insisted that its plant was rat-free. This resulted in pulling the top selling snacks are exported all around Asia as well as to the United States from its shelves.

A. Pre-listening activity

1) Looking at Pictures Before Listening

Younger learners are very good at reading pictures and they are much better if the pictures are something familiar and of their interest. In that respect, I will provide the pictures of shrimp crackers which are the topic for the news and ask them to brainstorm any idea regarding the picture. This might stimulate discussion about the topic of the news. "Looking and talking about" is an effective way of reminding the students of lexis which they may have forgotten or never known. It will also help them to focus their attention on the coming topic.

2) Questioning (warm up quiz)

Usually teachers ask students questions after they finish listening. Here my suggestion is giving them the questions before they listen to the target text. By reading the questions, students may build up their own expectations about the coming information, and also by trying to find answers to these questions, their prior knowledge on the topic can be activated.

Ex.) Warm-up Quiz

1) In Korea, what is the most popular snack(cracker)?

2) What is your favorite cracker?

3) What kind of food do you usually have between meals?

4) Have you ever found something strange while you are having some food?

5) What would you do if you found a small rat head while you are eating a snack?
3) Vocabulary preview and Grammar exercises

Vocabulary preview serves to activate students' knowledge of background information and vocabulary and grammar exercises guide students to be exposed to the authentic material with the grammar structures which they have learned.

Ex.) Vocabulary Preview

Match the following words with their correct definitions.

1. shrimp a.

2. cracker b.

3. investigator

4. gray

5. burn

6. fur

7. rat

8. reveal

9. look like

10. second look

11. realize

12. far from

13. closely

14. Food and Drug Administration

15. be mixed into

16. manufacturer

17. factory

18. insist

19. plant

20. rat-free

21. trap

22. in case

23. protectively

24. prompt

25. top selling

26. export

27. as well as

Grammar Exercises

Passive voice: The video news titled "rat head found in shrimp cracker in South Korea" is very useful to activate learners' knowledge about the passive voice. I will explain the passive voice briefly and let them find out how the grammar incorporated into the authentic material.

After the explanation students will catch the following sentences with less difficulty.

this was found, it was mixed into, the crackers are exported, the shrimp crackers are served.

4) Using the student-generated questions

I will also use the student-generated questions by giving them a topic letting them ask questions about what kind of information they would like to know, and then asking their classmates to give answers to the questions.


1) What is it in the picture?

2) Do you like snack?

3) What is your favorite snack and why?

4) What do you think the news is about?


5) Reading something relevant

I will present some articles which contain an accident similar to this case.

B. Post-listening activity to check comprehension

I will make the following questions on the paper and will give out them to the students after listening.

1) Answering the questions

a. What is the topic on the news?

b. What was found in a bag of the crackers?

c. What did the woman think when she first saw a strange object?

D. What was the retailers reaction after the accident?

E. What is your opinion regarding the topic?

2) Filling gaps

Usually filling gaps is activated as a while listening activity in the form of dictation. But I will employ this in the classroom as a post listening activity in order that students can have an opportunity to look through the script and get the whole picture of it while filling gaps.

This was ( ) in a bag of South Korea's popular ( ) crackers. Investigators said it was gray and had hints of burnt fur. The verdict, it was a head of a ( ) ( ). A woman revealing herself only as Ms. Yoo said when she first saw it, she thought it looked like a head of a shrimp. But a ( ) ( ) made her realize it was something ( ) ( ) it. At that time I thought it was a shrimp's head because I found it in a bag of shrimp crackers. I was closely checking it only to realize it was a rat's head with teeth and eyes. Officials from Korea's Food and Drug Administration believe it was ( ) ( ) the chips at manufacturer Nongshim's Factory in China. Another factory manager insisted that its plant was ( ). We put in two rat traps at each entrance of the plant just in case protectively. We put them at the food plant. This ( ) retailers across the country to pull the ( )( ) snacks from its shelves. The crackers ( ) ( ) all around Asia ( ) ( ) ( ) to the United States. In South Korea, the shrimp crackers are served at pubs as a beer snack, and they're also a ( ) of children.

C. Post-listening productive activity

1) Discussing the news with a group and answer the following questions

① What do you think Nong-Shim should have done the first when the accident came out? what would you do if you were the customer or the CEO?

② Do you know any other cases similar to this? What is it? What did they do to solve the problem and what is the result?

③ Would the shrimp crackers get back their sales reputation again? If so, When will you or people start to buy the crackers?

2) Predicting the content of the News

3) Summarizing the news with 5 sentences.

4) Making student-generated news article with the same topic.

5) Suggesting solution regarding the accident

6) Making a newspaper using all the contents above (group activity)

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What a sophiscated lesson plan!!

Post  Lee yujin on Thu May 29 2008, 20:47

I'm quite impressive your sophiscated lesson plan.

First, I think your topic would be intersting enough to attract students' attention.
Because it was a somewhat hot issue among students, so they must have a lot of background knowledge. But I think the video would be a little bit shocking^^(like mine..after I posted my news..I found that there was a dead body on the video..ㅠ)

Second your pre activity is quite well-organized and specific. There are two things I like; one of the hand you try to point out the grammar as well as vocabulary ,and the other hand you give your students opportunities to make thier own questions.
however one thing you must caution is that making question could be hard for studnets with low proficiency.

Third. your post activities are also good to check students' comperhension and promote integration of four skills. Especoally adapting problem sloving is a really good in this sort of topic, because this sort od activity might be meaningful and authentic. But for better result, you might give them a little bit more liguistic support.
Lee yujin

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Very detailed activities.

Post  Boyun Park on Tue Jun 03 2008, 08:22


I've enjoyed reading your lesson plan. This was really a big issue in Korea when it first was reported. Unfortunately, similar accidents occurred again and again not long after. People who are in food industry should be more careful and always be aware since this is directly related to people's health. I was ashamed and sorry to hear that officials were not making much change or solving the problem. They were rather busy blaming someone else or making excuses.

Your lesson plan was precise and into details that it will help students understand and comprehend the article well. This is also an issue which will attract many students since they like snacks much and this is a very famous Korean shrimp snack.

I totally agree with you on "looking and talking about" part. Young students tend to have more interest in pictures than articles full of English only sentences. However, I thought pre-listening activity part is a little bit too long and takes a lot of time that it might bore students and lose their attention before watching the video. They might not concentrate on video since they have much knowledge about the video in advance and the topic might shift onto other similar accidents like mentioned in part A. 5) This could rather be discussed in post-productive activity part where students share opinions after watching the shrimp accident video first. Another thing is that 2)warm up quiz and 4)student-generated questions part can be combined together maybe. I believe some questions could overlap and like I said, students could have too much information before actually hearing something from the video.

But overall, I thought your lesson plan was really great! Smile
Boyun Park

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Post  Lee Pilsu on Wed Jun 04 2008, 17:23

Hello! First of all, I didn't know that the owner of ID 'inmyheart' in our forum is you even though there is a picture on the left simply because you looks quite different in this picture. I guess you're photogenic(ha-ha)!

Anyway, regarding your lesson plan, I was very impressed by your sophisticated work. You must have put a lot of effort into this, indeed! I like many parts of your lesson plan. First of all, I think it's interesting that you let students know about the questions regarding the news article before they listen to it. I've seen many lesson plans that employ comprehension questions for the news article after listening, but your idea is the opposite. Your explanation that in that way students will arouse their expectation about the news and try to find out answers to those questions while listening is quite convincing. Also the pre-listening activity of giving students a list of words they are going to hear and matching them with correct meanings is also helpful to their understanding the article. In addition, I think it is a creative idea to let students think up questions on their own. In my opinion, students will have to listen carefully to the news in order to do the task because if they can't understand it, they can't produce good questions related with the news. Finally, I think your discussion questions for post-listening productive activity are so thought-provoking that your students will take part in the discussion actively.

However, I suggest a couple of possible changes to your already very good lesson plan. First, you made your post-listening comprehension questions multiple choices. However, it would be a little better if you leave them as open questions in which you expect students to find the answers on their own. Second, your productive activity No.2 "predicting the content of the news" should belong to pre-listening activity. But except these two points, I guess your lesson plan is excellent.
Lee Pilsu

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Food safety alert!

Post  Yoobin Cha on Wed Jun 04 2008, 18:40

This topic is easy to attract students attentions.
I guess they have a lot of opinion and experience. As internet has been essential in our life, people can report their shocking experience easily. My mother told me that in the past, there were many cases like this but it was hard to inform others. However, it is really mysterious that the organization conducted research a factory and found the machines to be very much isolated from any external pollutant and hygienic conditions were regular. How can a rat head remain in the snack?

I think that pre-activities are really useful but a little bit difficult. Vocabulary Preview is helpful before listening but grammar exercise would give them stress and lose their interests.
In addition, Second part and forth part of pre-activities are a little bit similiar.
Your post activities are really good to check students' comperhension and promote integration of four skills.
I enjoy looking your lesson plan and it is great work.
Yoobin Cha

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Post  bobosbong on Wed Jun 04 2008, 19:14

Wow, your lesson plan is excellent; specific; well-organized.

especially your pre-listening activities are very impressive. Although it's a listening activity, I think it corporates other parts such as grammar. It will sure activate stuents' understanding of such parts which otherwise might be boring. Plus, giving some tips related to the scrip beforehand will function like an ice breaker: I will have students feel familiar to the article when it's listened to, even lowering their affective filter encouraging students to have confidence in their English.

If I had to make one improvement of your lesson, why don't you make the rat's head look blurry. In my opinion, it's a bit disgusting to see the clear picture of its head and for the teenage girls it might provoke an adverse effect: they might lose interest in the topic and avoid talking about it.

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What I Like

Post  Mi Jin Jeong on Wed Jun 04 2008, 20:17

I think your lesson plan is well-organized, especially pre-listening activity.

Looking at picures before listening, the first one of the pre-listening activity, will be very effective to make students interested in the class, and warming-up quiz will be stimulate their curiosity of the news. Also the third section can help students understand the news article more exactly as well as learn vocabilary and grammar more easily. They would not be puzzled by unfamiliar English words while listening.
If I have to give you one suggestion, 2) and 3) of the post-listening activity would be more appropriate for the post-listening activity.
Mi Jin Jeong

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We all know about this story!

Post  jihyun on Thu Jun 05 2008, 05:30

It's nice to talk to you on the web.
Thank you for giving us an interesting and well-known news story.
I and we already know about this story. That means students also know about the story and have lots of background knowledge. As everybody agree, this is really shocking story.
In fact, after watching this news a few months ago, I've never bought the Nongshim craker. Anyway, it's interesting topic to deal with during the class, because every students love to eat crackers and know about this story.

Regarding your lesson plan, there are a lot of activities that you want to teach your students. But among them, I like your idea to let them make their own-generating
news article. By doing this activity, students can learn how to apply their new words and
expressions. Just doing some writing without sources can be difficult to young students.
In this point, I think having them to write using what they learned is a good idea.

But, I think you have too many tasks. I don't know exactly how long you will teach
these news. It can be 1 hour or 2 or 3hours. But if you want to teach this within an hour,
I think it might be a little bit difficult. And teaching grammar(passive voice) before they
listen something might be boring and time-consuming. Besides, there are already many activities to teach in pre-listehing session.

If then, how about putting grammar-teaching activity at the end of listening activity.
We can teach that grammar point by using grammar conscious-raising. If you have already taught them the story, I think giving them the script of the news is not a big deal. Then we can ask students to find out the passive form as much as they can.
And then, you can teach passive voice inductively.
Through your lesson plan, I could see how much enthusiastic you are to teach them.
Thank you for giving me a chance to watch and read a news and have a great day~

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Re: Final Exam : Video News from HA Joohee

Post  Nam-suk on Thu Jun 05 2008, 12:22

I can see your a lot of efforts in your plan like other people...That's just amazing..^^ personally, this snack is my favorite..I was just astonished by this news at that time....I'm quite sure there are many students who are going to say that snack as their favorites like me since it's very popular like everybody says..

Therefore your topic is just perfect for students and your pre-listening activities are so detailed that we can read your mind exactly...^^ your trying there like warm-up quiz, and having students make their own questions and answer about them is great in terms of making them feel less anxiety during their actual while-listening and giving them a chance of not being a just passive learner., but it looked a little bit long and too much for pre-listening activities..I guess,,^^

Also the part of post-listening activities for comprehension(Answering the questions and filling gaps)might be done as a group as well like productive activities which can give them a chance for giving their opinions and listening to others' opinions , less anxiety ^^, and time saving..I guess..and your productive activities were also convincing (like the order of those activities summarizing and predictions(or opinions) and their own news related with this topic..That might be still challenging for Ss, but it's good for them to get a chance for speaking practice as a group...^^

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Re: Final Exam : Video News from HA Joohee

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