Gloria's 4th lesson outline.

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Gloria's 4th lesson outline.

Post  Gloria Kim on Mon Apr 07 2008, 01:26

“Long time no see!”

Two Characters (Jason and Jessica) come across at the IKEA. Jason wants to give a hand to Jessica.

Jason: Excuse me, aren’t you Jessica Parker?

Jessica: Yeah, I am…(pause) Oh my gosh! You are Jason Harris at the St. Robert Catholic high school, aren’t you?

Jason: Yes, I am! I’m so surprised that you still remember me. Long time no see! How’s everything so far?

Jessica: Everything’s pretty good. I mean, I got a new job at a lawyer’s office in downtown a few days ago.

Jason: That’s awesome! Congratulations, Jessica!

Jessica: Thanks! By the way, if you don’t mind, can you please give me a hand? It’s pretty heavy to carry these boxes by myself.

Jason: Oh, sure! It’s my pleasure. What are these for?

Jessica: Since I got a new job in this town, I moved to a new place. So I’m about to decorate my new apartment.

Jason: That’s cool! If you are okay, I’ll definitely help you to decorate your place!

Jessica: Sure! Why not? It’ll be huge help! Thanks!

Jason: No problem!

General Objective:

Help students improve their ability to ask some help to others in polite ways. And help to learn how to break the ice when they come across a person he/she used to know.

Specific Objectives:

- Learn when to use ‘Long time no see!’

- Learn how to ask help to others.

- Learn what to say to the person who ask help in polite way.

- Learn how to use compliments and how to show polite surprise with intonation.

Lesson Sequence:

A. Lesson Plan

1. [Noticing] Ask two students come up to the front, and let them read the dialogue. . Students should just listen and try to get a general idea of what is being said and why.

2. [Noticing] After students listened to the dialogue between Jason and Jessica, ask them what they’ve heard from the dialogue. They might recall:

a. any general information (for example, ‘who is speaking’, ‘Did they know each other before’, ‘what information was exchanged’ and etc.)

b. what did Jason say at first? In what situation people usually say that sentence?

c. which words Jason said to Jessica to show polite surprise and complitments?

d. how Jason reacted, when Jessica asked some help?

e.what did Jason said, when Jessica said ‘thanks!’?

3. [Noticing] Now open the textbooks and have students practice the dialogue together in pairs. Then play the listening track again and allow students to read while they listen.

4. [Noticing] Ask the students the same questions from part 2 (above). By this stage it is hoped the students can:
a. talk about the information they exchange (for example,what Jason and Jessica’s last name, what school did they go together, Where does Jessica work, what those boxes are for, and etc.)
b. identify "Excuse me." as a general casual saying, when people need to show respect while they need to excuse somebody.

c. talk about how to ask help to people, asking him/her if they don’t mind.(“I’m just wondering if you can help me ….” “I would be very appreciate if you give me a hand for…” “If you don’t mind, can you please…”)
d. locate showing the polite surprise and compliments with intonation (“
That’s awesome!” “Oh my gosh!” “Congratulations!”)
and explain that this is a good way to make people feel happy, showing polite surprise with their opinion. Also, Show students simple example dialogue, giving polite surprise and compliments above.
e. locate showing the polite way to answer for ‘thanks’. (“No problem!” “Don’t mention it” “It’s my pleasure!” “You’re welcome” and etc.) help students understand those saying above make people be polite. Also don’t forget to make the situation of ‘Thanks-and-No problem’, and let the students speak the sentence to show thanks-feeling and the others say no problem-feeling in polite way.

5. Have the students get into pairs and try the dialogue together again. Also help them to put extra-emotional expressions with intonation. (at the part of ‘oh, my gosh’ and ‘that’s awesome!’ and etc.)

B. Speaking Drill

I’m so surprised that you still remember me.
he, she / grand mother, my fault

I got a new job at a lawyer’s office in downtown a few days ago.
the hospital, the Pentagon / few weeks ago, 3months ago

It’s pretty heavy to carry these boxes by myself.
boring to watch , dangerous to go / football game, clubbing

I’m about to decorate my new apartment.
sleep, meet up / on my bed, my friends

1. First apply the drill chorally. (Teacher shows the sample practice, first. Students/ Class repeat the sentences.)

2. Get the students to practice it in groups of three. (Keep watching each group to keep them practicing, instructor also can join the group to encourage them.)

3. Not to make students feel bored, put some tricks in the alternative words. At the first underlined option, students should clap. And for the second bolded option, students should say ‘Oh, yeah!’ at the end. (Although students get giggling and talking, leave them doing it to make the comfortable learning situation in the classroom.)

4. Have the students apply rule 2 and 3 above as a team. And make them in competition to say the proper sentence with the right tricks. (In case of cheering the students, Sweets might be rewarded.)

C. Enunciation


Everything, Decorate, Remember, P­retty

At, Still, Time, Downtown, Definitely

Got, Job, Office [ɑ] / Problem [ɔ]


Still, Long, Hand, Help

Ex-cuse, O-ffice, Ca-rry,

Ca-tho-lic, Re-mem-ber, A-part-ment

Con-gra-tu-la-tions, De-fi-ni-te-ly


I’m so surprised that you still remember me.

Long time no see!

It’s pretty heavy to carry these boxes by myself.

It’ll be huge help!

1. Listen and repeat the sounds after the teacher chorally.

2. For words, give students false models and let students correct the wrong part.

3. For the Sentences, clap at the bold words which is emphasized in the sentences. Especially, for the sound ‘O’, help the students understand difference between [ɑ] and [ɔ]

D. Discourse

1) Excuse me, a. I moved to a new place.

2) I’m so surprised b.can you please give me a hand?

3) If you don’t mind, c. that you still remember me.

4) Since I got a new job in this town, d. aren’t you Jessica Parker?

1. The teacher reads the phrases on the left one by one and let the students find the correct rest phrases one by one.

2. The teacher gets the students in pairs and let them match their own answers with their partners.

3. The teacher pick random students and ask the answer. When they volunteer to answer the question, give them reward like extra credits or sweets.
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Re: Gloria's 4th lesson outline.

Post  Jason Renshaw on Wed Apr 16 2008, 09:22

Hi Gloria,

All in all, this is a very promising lesson outline.

I really like the "Noticing" section in terms of the way you list what exactly it is you want the students to be able to do/notice. That's a great way to monitor the class progress in an ongoing way, and to know whether something needs more repetition or explanation to ensure students are "getting it".

Another good part of your method is the emphasis on making the class fun and enjoyable.

My only criticism at this point would be the lack of detail for the enunciation and discource awareness sections. You've certainly designed your materials well, but the method of applying them seems very vague and brief compared to the excellent consideration you've put into the earlier parts of your lesson.

However, very good work. You're showing an excellent awareness in terms of how to build top-quality speaking lessons.

Take care,

~ Jason


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Post  Gloria Kim on Wed Apr 16 2008, 17:15

Thank you, always, Jason!

Your feedback's always helpful. Actually, I was thinking of how to make my 'Enunciation' part more in detail. I'll do my best on my mid-term exam! Have a great weekend, and see you next week.

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Re: Gloria's 4th lesson outline.

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